Tigertarkla In Your Place

A walk through my mind, just like a walk through Jurassic Park, interesting but frightening

Self Preservation

I wear a rope around my neck
Like a diamond necklace
To remind myself how easy it is
To give in

How many ceiling fans and low hanging branches
Can I walk by without tying up the other end

I carry a small ladder under my arm
Like a designer purse
In case I need to climb up
And jump off

How many suspension bridges and skyscrapers
Can I walk by without seeking a final flight

I carry a bottle full of whiskey on my hip
Like an antique pocket watch
To swallow pills that crowd my pockets
Like loose change

How many nights do I need to pour it out
When can I put these pills in their bottles

In honor of suicide prevention week. Stay strong everyone.


I danced through the fire

And I felt no burn

White snow between my toes

Yet I didn’t feel the cold


You left without goodbye

But I didn’t cry


The feeling has gone

Ever since your eyes

Stopped searching for mine

And you no longer hear

Our song

Everything collapses with a gentle roar

I am tired and I am lonely

I need a hand


The simple joining of palms and lacing of fingers

The presence of instant peace as everything focuses

Down to two palms connecting

Two souls shining in a small space


Such a simple action to pull me from darkness

Killing the swirling storm of emotions and decisions


I don’t need words, false and irritating

I don’t need kisses, soft and fleeting

I need the touch of your palm’s flesh against mine

Your fingers pressing against my knuckles


Just stand there, quietly for a while

As I struggle through this mist

Hold tightly to my hand, So I don’t lose myself


If you must, you can lean slightly over

Till your breath brushes across my neck

Reminding me of the breezes

That have caressed me over the years

When I was aware of the happiness such things bring


But don’t let go of my hand

The loss of contact may send me into despair

Afloat upon a deep sea of misery

From which there is no return


Be the buoy to keep me from drowning

Help me to hold up the debris, to stand steady in the flood

All I need is a hand, to hold just for a little while.

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