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The 12 Things I Want for Christmas: 2014

  1. More of anything within the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra universe.
    The season finale just aired and I am not ready for this world to be over for me. Luckily they have a whole slew of books that are sitting in my book wish list on Amazon for me to eventually acquire.
    The Lost Adventures
  2. Bookshelves
    You know that book wish list I mentioned, it’s over 100 items long. Plus over half of the boxes that I packed for the move were filled with books. I have a bigger house now and I fully intend to fill it up with more books.
  3. Painters
    I have a lot of beige walls in my house right now. I don’t like beige walls, therefore I have a lot of painting to do. Really though, I would much rather someone else do all the painting for me.
  4. Desktop computer
    Yes, I know I am doing this from my perfectly acceptable laptop but, when I write I do it best sitting at a desk. It would be nice to have a computer that is dedicated to writing and sits patiently at my desk guilting me into using it.
  5. This Modern Looking Cat Tree
    cat treeRegular cat trees are ugly, this one is nice and will be perfect for the cat that has recently walked into my life. (literally, she walked in the door uninvited and has decided to stay)
  6. These cat-ear headphones
    20141010152224-Headphones_info2If you tell me that you don’t want these, you are lying to yourself. You can pre-order them here. I know I am definitely getting a pair for my brother and I plan on getting a pair for myself.
  7. Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs Perfume oils
    They have some intriguing sounding scents such as Bewitched and Morgause. Which is perfect for people, such as myself, who like to have their rooms/self smell like they walked out of a fantasy novel.
  8. Victorian Gothic dress
    D167NavyBlue-1You dress in Victorian clothes once and then you become addicted. This site makes very nice quality dresses if anyone is looking for something like that. (click the picture)
  9. $200 to spend at Bath and Body works
    I live to smell like sunshine and flowers. Also their shower gels have shea and are a god send for my constantly parched skin that I am too lazy to lotion up.
  10. Dragon Wall Sconces
    3151c1796736c666273b1dab8c9aa1bcBecause owning my own house doesn’t mean I have to decorate it like I am an adult. No, I am going to decorate like I am a wizard.
  11. Two yards of this fabric
    rrbrainpatternzombie_shop_previewZombie Brains by Rosalarian, which can be found on Spoonflower. I have no idea what I wan to do with it but I need it with a passion that burns fairly bright.
  12. One of these bags
    1dda_sw_bowling_bag_style_pursesBecause for the first time since Phantom Menace what released I am excited about Star Wars.

Random Site update

Holy crap, the last time I posted on this was over a year ago. Needless to say, a lot of things have changed for me. One thing is that I have a job, in chemistry, so that takes up about 50% of my time these days. Second, I finally finished the first draft of my first book and now I am working on editing the second draft. By editing I mean ignoring it for an extended period of time. Third, I just moved to a new house so things are kind of crazy right now. I have a bunch of poems written on scraps of paper that need to be gathered together, edited and potentially posted. I am looking at adding more to Paul and Minta’s collection. I am also thinking of reworking Confessions of a Supervillain. I am not happy with its direction at this moment. This will all happen eventually but probably not this year. I need the rest of this year to get my home together and set up my office so I can work again. I think I will get a Christmas list together.

Self Preservation

I wear a rope around my neck
Like a diamond necklace
To remind myself how easy it is
To give in

How many ceiling fans and low hanging branches
Can I walk by without tying up the other end

I carry a small ladder under my arm
Like a designer purse
In case I need to climb up
And jump off

How many suspension bridges and skyscrapers
Can I walk by without seeking a final flight

I carry a bottle full of whiskey on my hip
Like an antique pocket watch
To swallow pills that crowd my pockets
Like loose change

How many nights do I need to pour it out
When can I put these pills in their bottles

In honor of suicide prevention week. Stay strong everyone.

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