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Scrooge, The Grinch and Me

I have told you before, not a big fan of the holiday, but there are reasons. Unlike the Grinch and Scrooge there was not some large past event in my life that caused me to despise X-mas. No, the dislike has slowly grown over years. So onto the 12 things that I  hate about X-mas.

  1. Shopping: Unlike most females I am not really a big fan of shopping in general. Something of spending money makes me anxious and a bit testing. Pile on top of that the mass crush of people that spring up in malls around this time of year you basically have the recipe for me to be in a bad mood within a matter of minutes.
  2. Winter: I hate winter, absolutely despise it. I don’t like snow or cold weather and the shorter days really do a number on my mental balance. I am pretty much out of sorts from the end of October to mid-March.
  3. Entertaining Family: Now I love my family as much as the next person but like many people I prefer to love them from afar. Being with my mom and my brother is fine. I don’t have to keep them entertained. We are fine with being with each other.
  4. Cooking Huge Meals: If you have never done this then you don’t know how stressful it can be. I like cooking food for people when I feel like it but the constraint of the holidays doesn’t really put me in the mood.
  5. X-mas Music Wherever you go: You can not escape it. The grocery store the fast food joint, the radio stations, it is everywhere. Eventually I get irritated if the bell at the school happens to have the same three starting chords as Joy to the World.
  6. X-mas Television: Now I don’t hate all X-mas television. I like that one Invader Zim episode and a big fan of the Phineas and Ferb Holiday special. Plus the fact that they play Love Actually (Hugh Grant, purrr), the Grinch and Elf a lot makes me happy. The rest of it though, they can shove it. It is sickening, all happy endings and this is the true meaning of X-mas. Whatever.
  7. Mall Santas: They freaked me out as a kid. They still do. Totally not buying into the illusion.
  8. Salvation Army Bell Ringers: Now I don’t actually hate the bell ringers themselves. They are actually pretty good people. I dislike the feelings of guilt I have to endure every time I decide that I want a donut from the grocery store. I don’t carry cash, I don’t have change and no I don’t want to crush the hopes and dreams of children. I just want a cherry-cheese danish
  9. X-mas commercials: Most annoying things about the holidays. I am almost tempted to not watch tv during the whole months of November and December, but American Pickers reels me back in, oh and holiday cooking shows.
  10. Feelings of Inadequacy: This would be akin to the whole Keeping up with the Jones’s concept. I don’t really care but my mom does so at any rate I end up dealing with it.
  11. Holiday Travel: It’s winter the road conditions are not always the best (especially on I-80 through Wyoming). Pile on some heavy doses of traffic and the whole thing turns into a nerve wracking hell ride. Flying is no better.
  12. Religion: I don’t have a problem with religion, I just have a problem with it being shoved down my throat.

Now for  a more  positive note. Since every holiday miser finds happiness in the holidays at some point, here are the five best things about the Holiday season.

  1. No School : Really needs no explanation
  2. The Grinch: I like that movie.
  3. Hats: I heart hats and I don’t really get to wear beanies much unless its cold, because I am not a crazy person.
  4. Decorations: I love decorating, and seeing decorations. Arranging everything just right and making every thing so nice and cozy. Yep love it.
  5. The Nutcracker Suite- This is probably my favorite piece of music ever. This is probably my favorite ballet ever. The new movie coming out will probably be one of my favorites.

So what do you like and hate about the holidays.


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