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Brigg-Myer’s Test

The Brigg-Myer’s personality test (also known as the Jung personality test) is a really fun test to take and fairly accurate in my opinion. I have taken this test several times and I always end up with the same personality, which is good because I am consistent.  I always get INTJ, which stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging. I always score highest in judging meaning I have a very expressed judging personality, really not surprising for me. my intuitiveness and introvertness are both expressed moderately and thinking is expressed distinctly. This personality type is also called the mastermind and is considered the rarest of the Jung personality types which is kinda cool.  Things that define a master mind is the ability to lead well though there is an unwillingness to do so unless it is absolutely needed, efficiency and organization. Problem solving is one of our favorite things. Pretty much sounds like me.  To read more about this personality type click here. To find out what your personality is click here.


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