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A walk through my mind, oh, we're jogging now, wait is that a couch, I'm going to lie down for a bit

Duine (Chapter One)

Here is the first part of a story I wrote last year. I will post the rest once a week.

Entrapped, that is the one word that explained what I felt right now. It was all I could do to keep myself sitting still. I clenched my pencil tighter, writing notes furiously, trying to take my mind off of my location. The room feels like an oven to me, its heat and humidity making it hard for me to breathe. I try to block out the conversations going on around me as I concentrate on keeping my skin from crawling away.

I hated this, civilization; it always had the same effect on me.  Unfortunately I had no real choice in the matter, it was either become integrated into this civilization or leave her. I couldn’t leave her, not after what I had done, not after what she had given to me.

The professor begins to wind down his spiel, his dusty voice getting louder as people shift their belongings into their bags. As soon as gives his permission for us to leave I sprint towards the door, swinging my ratty messenger bag over my shoulder as I go. I dodge through the rest of the students whose goal was similar to mine, escape. Their need is not as urgent as mine though as I bump pass a group of frat boys chatting in the hall.  My fingers twitch as one of them makes a rude comment.  It takes all I have to urge myself onwards and out of the building. Before her I would have never have tolerated such insolence, I would have never been trapped in this form, I would have ripped his heart from his chest. She had made me weak, she had made me human.

My muscles strain as they push me forward, farther away from the organized clean world she has always loved. Within minutes I am within the forested area that borders the campus. The stress melts from me the deeper I go and the more wild and tangled the branches become. Soon I am deep enough that I stop hearing the sounds of the city I left behind. The noise was replaced by the quite creaking of the forest that surrounds me. I stop, letting my breathing calm down as my surroundings take their effect on me.  I toss my messenger into a bush, I could easily find it later, and began to pull off my clothes. Once I stand naked, with my toes digging into the dirt, I begin to shed the human skin that always makes me sick. The first to change, always, is my hands, the fingers shortening and the nails forming into claws. Then I can feel my spine begin to pop as my ribs stretch out. My fur begins to fill itself back out, sprouting up my arms and up my legs. It isn’t long till the transformation causes me to bend over allowing all four of my reformed paws to be in the dirt. My face changes last, forming into a snout completing the transformation.

This was my favorite form, the one I was born into, the form that enslaved me to my most base desires. I resembled a wolf, my fur a glossy black and my eyes amber yellow.  I was considerably larger than a typical wolf in these modern times, in the past I could have easily blended into a typical pack. I could no longer claim the title of wolf; it had been so long since I had truly been one, too long since I had lived the life of a wolf under the laws of the Great Mother. With one final stretch I dug my claws into the dirt and began to run.



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