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Random Review: Fall by Clay Walker and Son of Rambow

Here is a random review of what is currently catching my attention.

First, the song Fall by Clay Walker.  Released April 9th,  2007 this song is a true gem. The country twang of Clay Walker makes me just want to float away on the melody. This song basically makes me wish I knew a man like that. Unfortunately I have had no such luck.

Second the film Son of Rambow. This one was released in 2008. It is about a boy who is from a strict religious sect that prohibits the viewing of television. Will the main character of the movie falls in with another boy Lee Carter who is a trouble maker. Lee makes will perform stunts in a movie he is filming for a local film festival. Throughout the film they become friends. My description is not really doing it justice but it is a cute movie with plenty of laughs. You should definitely see it.


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