Tigertarkla In Your Place

A walk through my mind, oh, we're jogging now, wait is that a couch, I'm going to lie down for a bit


Dear Friend,
As our lungs inhale the sweet elixir that is summer
I greet you for the first time.
We are ready to roll up our sleeves
And plunge into new, unfamiliar territory.
To work days and idle away nights.
To become known to each other.
We will discuss philosophy, while sitting in window sills
And tell ghost stories to eager guests.
You will always tell them too breathless, too low,
Your face too eager to get to the surprise.
We will have to work on that.
You shall build bird houses for me to paint,
And you shall plant flowers for me to weed.
Through joking fights and loud proclamations,
We shall be friends.

Dear Lover,
This frost cuts through our lungs like daggers
And we sit miles apart dreaming of summer
Which ended as sweet as blueberry crisp.
We couldn’t part with just one kiss.
My roommates are loud and like to party
And I feel as if I am brooding too much.
I miss the sight of your of your face.
Just how long is it till December?
With love,

Dear love,
Are you sure you are okay?
I haven’t heard much from you these days.
When I look around, everything is mottled grey.
I wait impatiently for Spring
To make it back from its shallow grave.
Did you like my gift? You know, the sweater.
I wasn’t sure about the color.
You seemed so distant when I left,
I didn’t even get a proper hug goodbye.
I hope you are not mad. I’ll try to be there.
Call me when you are feeling better.
Please love,

I don’t even know what to call you.
Liar, heartbreaker, friend? They all don’t fit.
It seems odd that we are approaching summer,
You can’t tell with all this blasted rain.
I wonder if you could return the sweater.
It was kinda pricey you see, and since,
Well, you aren’t going to wear it.
She got you that jacket for Spring.
Also, while you’re at it, could you return to me
The bits of my heart that really should be mine.
I don’t forgive you, by the way.


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