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Confessions of a Super-Villain – part 2

Now, where were we? Ahh, yes, first grade. Let’s see, what else was important about that year, it’s right on the tip of my brain, hmmm… Oh yes, that is also the year I met my worst enemy, Sasha Hornbinkle, or as you might know her as, Lady Justice. What’s that? Oh you thought the Hornet was my arch nemesis, I never considered him as such. Don’t distract me, I am telling you a story.

I hated Sasha Hornbinkle with the fury of a thousand suns. I know what you are thinking, how could I despise such a kind and lovely human being you ask. Quite easily, for behind her facade of loveliness, fairness and all around niceness, Sasha was a horrendous person.

She showed up one day, halfway through the school year, with her perfectly curled curls and perfectly prim bows wearing a perfectly pressed polka dot dress. She had everything you would need to make you a first grade celebrity, she was pretty, new, interesting and rich. I have to admit that even I was enthralled with her upon first sight, but soon the scales fell away from my eyes. As it so happened, the only seat available in the class was right next to me, and as she flounced down the aisle, she laid her eyes upon me for the first time. Her small pert nose wrinkled up and her lips drew back into a sneer. This expression came and went so fast that I thought perhaps I had imagined it, and at any rate I could see how my appearance could be off putting to someone as small and pretty as her.

We have already covered how tall I was at that age, but I was also fairly angular, with freckles, despite my already tan skin and wildly frizzy brown hair that made me appear like anorexic lion. Plus I had developed a penchant for obnoxiously bright neon clothing at the age, which I suppose I never truly grew out of, and I tended to pair it in a way that truly was an affront to the eyes, which I did grow out of. I wouldn’t say I was ugly, no awkward would be more appropriate, painfully awkward.

I greeted my new desk mate with my usual enthusiasm, a broad smile and greeting that was a tad bit loud. Her reply was, “Lovely, they sat me next to the freak.” with a vocabulary and tone years ahead of her age.

It didn’t get better. I invited her to sit with me at lunch, her reply was, “ Sorry, I don’t want to get freak germs on me”, she said it with a smile that looked sincere while her eyes looked like tiny daggers. Again I didn’t think much of it, I was a tiny bit hurt but I ate lunch with Todd everyday and he would be shy of a newcomer anyway. Then things started to go missing, my favorite pencil, the kitten notebook I used as a journal. I knew she had taken them, I saw her using my pencil, my notebook at the bottom of her bag, but whenever I laid accusations against her, she simpered and got her way out of it, painting me as the bully.

The last straw was when she filched my strawberry scented eraser, I loved that eraser more than anything in the world, my father had given it to me the day before he left me and my mother, never to return. When I found it missing, I threw a fit, instantly pointing the finger at the person I knew who’d taken it. As usual, she simpered and acted the part of the victim and I was sent to a time out in the corner.

For the first time in my life, I was furious, I could practically Feel the steam coming out of my ears. My thoughts shifted to revenge, not just anything would do. No, I had to take something precious from her, something equally as important as my eraser. As I sat there, glaring at her tossing her blonde curls amongst her adoring fans, the perfect revenge came to me. I nearly laughed with the perfectness of it.

Huh, what? Pudding time. Oh I do hope it is not butterscotch. I hate butterscotch.


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