Tigertarkla In Your Place

A walk through my mind, oh, we're jogging now, wait is that a couch, I'm going to lie down for a bit


When I think of you, I become jealous
Not of you, that would be crazy
That would be like the moon
Envying the sun for the light it gives her
No, I am jealous of those around you
Of those who get to see you
Experience you everyday
Do they count themselves lucky?
Lucky to be in your presence
To experience your smile, your laugh
Your oddness, your gentleness, your brilliance
Oh, what I would give to be them
To be able to spend the day
Or even a minute with you
To be able to sit next to you, barely touching
Wrapped in the safety that is your presence
To breath the same air as you
To observe you, to breathe you in, to touch you
To lie next to you and watch your chest rise and fall
To see your lashes lie against your cheeks
To see your eyes sparkle and dance
To hear your laugh and your words fall from your lips
Do they know how special you are
That they are gifted with your light
While I try to grow and blossom in the shadows
Fervently hoping for whatever piece of sun
That comes to me from such a distance
You may as well be in Babylon
For I feel as if we are separated by not only miles
But time also conspires against me
Will I ever again be near you?
Or will I have to survive on a few treasured moments
Memories which are never quite enough


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2 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Absolutely stunning piece. Love the emotion in this piece, so wanting and loving but despairing at the same time.

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